Who I am

Hello! I’m Ciali^^ I’m an 80s kid from Rome, Italy actually living in Milan!

I like to define myself a nostalgic dreamer!

My bigger passions are: collecting Sanrio stuff and generally kawaii stuff, traveling to Tokyo, studying Japanese, listening to punk music, MMORPG, making everything pastel and cute, and crying for nostalgia (XD)!

Professionally, I’m a certified graphic designer who decided to bring all her graphic knowledge into crafting!

My first project was “Cutecankill”, the brand I founded with my best friend Lila, then in 2012 we decided to split into 2 different brands, and Kawaiiland was born!

My brand is a result of a fusion of my passion for kawaii and pastel items, my 80s and 90s roots, and a big love for Japanese pop and street culture and, why not to mention, made-in-Italy craft!

Check my daily life as small business owner on Youtube!!


This is the place where everything is made!