Hello and welcome to the new version of Kawaiiland.net

Actually, while the layout of the website is very similar to the previous one, we changed the shop system and we now are using the wonderful Woo Commerce that permits you to shop safely by paying via PayPal, credit card, Stripe, Google pay, and Apple pay

We still have to add all of our jewelry and accessories, but the decoden section is ready for all mobile phones!

And I keep writing “we” but it is actually just me working on this project making all the items in the shop, but also making the website and the contents and that is why I’m taking so much time to finish the website.

Today I also want to share with you one of my beloved items, the Pastel Planner

This planner is designed by me and also print in my studio on demand, so I can limit any kind of waste of paper, making it in my studio takes time, but it is very satisfying

Click on the picture to shop it now!

See you very soon cuties