Hello! I'm Ciali, from Rome, Italy!!
My biggest passions are: graphic design, Japan, kawaii style, japanese fashion and punk!!
My whole life revolves around what I love, I studied Japanese at University of Rome, then I studied Graphic design and when I finished my studies I decided to combine my two passions for visual art and Japan by making accessories and other artistic works inspired by Japanese kawaii style!
I cofounded and worked as a designer for Cute Can Kill until February 2012 and then I decided to start, with great enthusiasm, a new project: Ciali in kawaiiland.

Kawaiiland is the world as it is in my mind, where everything is pastelish, candies grow on trees, petals are made of cookies, rivers of chocolate ice cream and funny bunnies and silly bears are hopping everywhere!

It is with my jewelries and accesories that I'd like to take you to my world, Kawaiiland! Join me and enjoy it!

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